Perro del Mallet

v8 Bike Polo Head

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A lot of you have taken a liking to this polo thing and you're having a good time playing, but you just haven't found that thing that takes you to the next level.  Now do this: buy a Perro del Mallet head.  Take your mallet.  See the head on your shaft?  Rip it off!  Rip it off and put on the new Perro del Mallet head.  Get on the court and take a shot.  It went in, didn't it?  And it was a frickin' lazer (pardon the language - SFW website).  This head just feels right!  The tapered cap allows you to swing like you've always done, but hit the center of the ball every time.  The new v8 version features textured rings which allow for extra cool powers.  Don't listen to us.  Just hit the ball!  The added ring on the open end maximize scooping while guaranteeing a formed fit.  As soon as you take a shot with the Perro del Mallet head, you just know you've found what it takes to get to the next level.


  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • 5mm cap thickness for the hardest hard
  • Beveled open end for that long-lasting scoop
  • Reinforcing ring to reduce deformation from too much radness (scooping).


  • Made of UHMW-PE
  • 2.5" outer diameter that tapers into a 2.375" at the cap
  • 74 grams
  • 4.5" (120mm) long