Hardcourt Bike Polo Shaft

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Sometimes to move forward, you've got to play it back - and that's exactly what Lightfoot has done.  Utilizing the design of the old Swallows shafts, these suckers are light and skinny and use that old slotted mounting design.  But just like how a back pass can open up a new attack, the shafts come in two colors - silver and purple.  And there's a white space at the top to write your name so you can really let people know what is yours.  So make the right play - make a pass to the Lightfoot Hardcourt Shaft.


  • Vacant space at top for displaying clever things
  • Slotted tip design to work with Lightfoot Connect 1.1 or old Fixcraft


  • Made from 7075 T6 aluminum alloy
  • Weighs 133 grams uncut
  • 43.5" long before cutting
  • .75" diameter
  • 1.0mm thick wall