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Alpha 20 Bike Polo Head

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Bullets are freaking fast. I mean, for as good as Superman is, he's still compared to a speeding bullet. Now imagine if a bullet was shot from a speeding bullet. Could you imagine how fast that would be? That's how your shot could look crackin' off of an Alpha 20. That extremely tapered cap concentrates the hitting surface into a hard-packed, shooting machine. All shot, no recoil. Give your shot some firepower with the Alpha 20 bike polo head.


  • Chamfered open end for excellent scooping ability
  • Extreme taper for a hardened shooting end
  • 3 pre-drilled holes for easy-mounting


  • Made of UHMW-PE
  • Weighs 76 grams
  • 4.6" (116mm) long
  • 2.4" (60mm) open end outer diameter
  • 1.9" (48mm) hitting outer diameter