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Maestro Bike Polo Shaft

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Could it be that the perfect shaft has been created?  It is light, but also strong enough to dance around teams and absorb blows.  It is forged from an alloy that was specifically designed for bike polo.  That's right, a whole new aluminum alloy!  It's the longest raw shaft out there and comes with markers to help you cut it where you like.  It's cut and Connect ready, but who needs that?  It comes with FREE mounting hardware of its own!  Lighter than the Connect and incredibly secure.  The Maestro has come.


  • FREE lightweight and secure mounting system
  • Length markers to aid cutting


  • Made from 7001 aluminum alloy
  • Weighs 155 grams
  • 47" long before cutting
  • 0.8 wall thickness
  • Taper is 13" long from 9mm at tip