Perro del Mallet

Maestro Bike Polo Shaft

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Could it be that the perfect shaft has been created?  It is light, but also strong enough to dance around teams and absorb blows.  And now come with new dimensions.  They taper to a fatter 13mm to reduce the bend and whip of the older versions.  And the FREE mounting system that you've come to rely on now utilizes a rounded male tip at the shaft and a rounded female crown for a more secure mount that will stay tight after all of those big rippers. 


  • FREE lightweight and secure mounting system
  • Length markers to aid cutting


  • Made from 7001 aluminum alloy
  • Weighs 155 grams
  • 47" long before cutting
  • 0.8 wall thickness
  • Taper is 13" long from 13mm at tip