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Martine PC Disc Guard

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Disc Guards are like children.  They are better not seen and not felt.  With the Martine PC that is exactly what you get.  The clear polycarbonate allows you to see the beauty of your wheel without any of those steel or aluminum contraptions getting in the way.  But do not fret, the thing is 8mm thick!  Nothing is getting through that and damaging your disc.  Now 8mm is a lot. However when it is all said and done, the Martine PC weighs a measly 130 grams.  That's over half the weight of the leading competitor!  No longer will you have the excuse of "Oh, my disc guard is too heavy," to explain why you can't wheelie.  The Martine also utilizes a simple axle-mounted design, making it easy to put on and off - perfect for the travelling poloista.


  • Made from aluminum and polycarbonate
  • Axle-mounted design
  • For use with hydraulic brakes only


  • Weighs only 130 grams (4.6 oz.)