Simple 115 Promomo Bike Polo Head

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When it comes right down to it, it isn't the equipment that defines a player.  Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time - and it wasn't his signature sneakers that cultivated that greatness.  It was his floppy tongue.  But all jokes aside when the young youth put on his sneaks they felt confident enough to dunk on any fool.  The Promomo is the Jordan's of bike polo.  It is the sweet dream child of three-peatin' world champion Morgan Hidalgo.  Slap this sheblamblam on your shaft and you'll finally have the confidence to uh, Blind Watson anybody!  But really - this head is the exact same as the Simple 115.  Here's a link to the description of the Simple 115.  Or you could stay here and feel the sweet edge of confidence!


  • Double-ridge bevel for scooping integrity
  • 3 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Mount strip for the simplest mount design


  • Made of UHMW-PE
  • Weighs 83 grams
  • 4.53" (115mm)
  • 2.48" (63mm) diameter