Complete Hardcourt Mallet

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No more messing around.  You know what you like, and you like Lightfoot.  You like the sleek curvature of their head.  You like the lightness of their shaft.  You appreciate the security of their mounting system.  And heck! you like being able to have your sweet flair visible through their clear grip.  You deserve to be rewarded for fandom.  This is the easiest package for bike polo so grab one while they're hot.


  • Long or Short Hardcourt Head
  • Silver or Purple Harcourt Shaft
  • Connect 1.1
  • Clear Grip


  • Long Hardcourt Head is 120mm, Short Hardcourt Head is 110mm
  • Shafts are 43.5" long and .75" outer diameter with a 1.0mm thick wall
  • Connect 1.1 is designed to perfectly integrate with the Hardcourt Shaft and Head
  • Grip is grippy