Connect 1.1 Mounting Hardware

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What if someone brought back J'nco jeans, but made them, y'know, smaller?  That would be awesome, right?  They actually already do that, but that doesn't discount that the idea of bringing back something good but making it smaller is an excellent one.  And that is exactly what Lightfoot has done.  They've brought back the original Fixcraft Connect but made it smaller and completely their own.  The profile has been slimmed down into a track shape instead of a circle.  And the gripping ridges have been crossed so they fit into the grooves of the Hardcourt Heads to create a more secure mounting.  Grab a Connect 1.1.  It's even better than a slimmed down pair of J'ncos!


  • 1 bolt
  • 1 7075 aluminum cleat


  • Weighs 6 grams
  • Shiny, and extra grated