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Machete Bike Polo Shaft

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Machetes are known for sheer brutality.  Sharp and heavy, machetes hack through the most wild of environments.  Good thing because bike polo ain't no mountain meadow.  It's a fr3@kin' jungle of blood and rubber, teeth and steel.  Hacks and slashes deflect off the Machete shaft like the hull of a coconut.  The shafts now come with new dimensions.  They taper to a fatter 13mm to reduce the bend and whip of the older versions.  And the tip now comes with a rounded male end for a more secure mount that will stay tight after all of those big rippers.


  • Rounded tip for more secure connection with mounting hardware
  • Length markers to aid cutting


  • Made from 7001 T6 aluminum alloy
  • Weighs 180 grams
  • 47" long before cutting
  • 1mm wall thickness
  • Taper is 13" long to 13mm at tip