Perro Del Mallet

Ultralight Chunky Bike Polo Grip

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Some day every bike polo is going to have arthritis.  Based on how this sport's players are aging, we'd bet there are some that do now.  Thankfully there is the Ultralight Chunky Bike Polo Grip.  These grips add a good chunk of grip allowing you to get a solid ergonomic hold on your shaft.  And this extra material comes at no extra cost. The super lightweight material means that you can still have that light mallet for your aging muscles.  The Ultralight Chunky grip is the perfect grip for bike polo players - young or old.


  • Hot pink!
  • Uh...the logo is pretty tight


  • Made of UVA foam for weight saving
  • 11 grams (.4 oz)
  • 7" long
  • 1.125" outer diameter