Heckler's Alley

Bike Polo Orange Hot Weather Ball

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Come to the Heckler's Alley Museum if you'd like to see what polo players used to use.  Playpit Balls wrapped in duct tape, hockey balls, an orange.  Come to Heckler's Alley to get a functional ball that was designed to get smashed around the court during prime season time.  This is the bike polo ball.  Accept no substitute.

New!  We are offering our Tourney Balls discount to everyone and every club.  Buy 20 balls and get them for only $60!  Screw codes.  There isn't even a code chain app so how are you gonna keep them all straight anyway?

NOTE!!! We were sent a bad batch of balls and are temporarily suspending sales of our Hot balls.  We will make an announcement on updates.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • Orange, 'cuz that's what you know
  • One
  • Cool Heckler's Alley print.


  • Weighs 70 grams
  • Legal diameter of 67mm
  • For hot weather play only (above 60 degrees)