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It is almost every player's dream to make bike polo a job.  So back in 2014, Heckler's Alley decided to make that a reality and start the shop.

Jordan started playing back in the circle-out dab days of 2009 in Portland, OR.  From there he cut his teeth in Guadalajara, MX and played with Mexico's finest.  Eventually life took him away from there to Europe where he really took his game to the next level in the heyday of London.  As a omen towards his future as a purveyor of bike polo products he sipped beer from the first batch of Magic Emerald heads.

Life eventually brought him back stateside and he worked vigorously to jumpstart Eugene, OR's club and get the now-famous court "Troll Court" under the Washington-Jefferson Bridge.  During this time, Heckler's Alley was formed.

It's been weird, but Jordan's heart and dedication is in the sport.  Heckler's Alley tries to get to as many tournaments as possible so look for the booth at a tourney near you.  And if you're throwing a tournament and are looking for a sponsor, hit us up!

Heckler's Alley.  Heads, Shafts, Balls...Grow Up!

Heckler's Alley brings bike polo goodies