Heckler's Alley

Bike Polo Yellow Cold Weather Ball

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You've replaced your beer with hot toddies so now it's time to replace your pink balls with yellow cold weather balls.  Shoot, your polo bike might even be hanging in the garage right now, but you might as well be prepared for any weather.  You never know when polo may strike!

New!  We are offering our Tourney Balls discount to everyone and every club.  Buy 20 balls and get them for only $80!  Screw codes.  There isn't even a code chain app so how are you gonna keep them all straight anyway?


  • Yellow
  • One (unless you go tourney style)
  • Cool(d) Heckler's Alley print.


  • Weighs 67 grams
  • Legal diameter of 67mm
  • For cold weather play only (30-50 degrees)