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Jack Bike Polo Head

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So you've got a big ego. Do you have a bike polo head that matches your big head? Well the Jack has the largest diameter allowed in bike polo. Maybe you need to inflate yourself by having a head that pops. The Jack comes in yellow - yellow! This hunk o' plastic is the complete package. An open end on the verge of legality to give you the maximum scoop. Solid cap. And the 100mm length will help you strike the perfect balance between control and court dominance. Do yourself a favor and put a feather in your cap with a John bike polo head.


  • Made with UHMW-PE 1000
  • Pre-drilled with 3 easy-mounting positions
  • Available with basic pilot holes or pre-drilled for easy-mounting with the Hi-Stick bike polo shaft


  • Weighs 73 grams
  • 4.1" (105mm) length
  • 2.56" (65 mm) width
  • Yellow!