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Bike Koozie

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Since the earliest days of bike polo, the sport has been sober.  Never once has a beer been spilled on a court or a point called "beer".  In fact, we have turned to the financial depths of sports drinks companies and bike polo retailers to sponsor tournaments, but not once have we skimmed the surface of a company that supplies alcohol. In hopes of getting more beer onto our courts, Black Star Bags has created the Bike Koozie. A koozie designed to mount on your bike and your belt and hold all sizes of beers. From Corona cuartos to Milwaukee's Best 24 oz cans - never go thirsty again! Yes, our dear poloistas, we believe with enough Koozies we can finally bring the wonder and joy of beer to our fine, sophisticated sport.


  • Velcro harness for your bike
  • Insulated koozie with adjustable strap to hold all can sizes
  • Hooks for placing in harness, pocket, or belt

Please allow 5-8 business days for these cool pieces o' peace to be assembled.