Perro del Mallet

v10 Shorty Bike Polo Head

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The Oreo is a beloved cookie. You can dunk 'em, you can split 'em, and you can crush 'em. Coincidentally the v10 bike polo head from beloved Perro del Mallet looks like an Oreo. Even further, all of the adjectives used above to describe an Oreo can be used to describe what you will do to your competition when you use a v10. You will dunk on your foes, you will split the defense and you will cruuuuush your opponents. Grab a v10 today. And remember, you can never have just one...

And sometimes you don't need a whole one. Which is why there's this cute li'l Shorty. All of the pleasure of the v10 but about .25" less. So less weight for faster shots, easier scoops and quicker moves. Get yours right now!


  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Beveled open end for that long-lasting scooop
  • Reinforcing ring to reduce deformation from too much radness (scooping)


  • Made of UHMW-PE
  • 2.5" (62mm) outer diameter tapers down to 2.3" (59mm) at cap
  • 68 grams (weighs 6 Oreos)
  • ~4." (103mm) long