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Alesoir Bike Polo Hand Reamer

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Bike polo has mostly left it's DIY days behind. Heads come with pre-drilled holes that allow them to be seamlessly placed onto their company's shaft. But here's the deal - you don't like their shaft. So you need need to make that hole a little bigger. Or you're a weight weenie and you need to put some speed holes in that head. Grab the Alesoir Hand Reamer from Roger Bike Polo. It;s comfortable, precise, and portable so you can make adjustments on the fly at tournaments or pickup. Look, you don't have to measure twice, but the answer to your shot being off is always making adjustments to your equipment. Use an Alesoir and stop making excuses.


  • Rubber and plastic handle for comfortable drilling
  • Bit can be placed in a drill for even more efficient drilling
  • Steps for 4mm-20mm measurements in even increments


  • Weighs 84 grams
  • It's a tool, just like you