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Alpha Light Bike Polo Shaft

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Bike polo is heading into a new plastic era, but sometimes in the face of progress you need to remember your roots. That is exactly what Roger Bike Polo has done with the Alpha shaft. The shaft is made from 7001-T6 aluminum so you'll get that perfect balance between stiffness and whip you've always preferred. The new mounting system mimics drywall bits. The insert is secured into the shaft and a second bolt is required to mount your favorite head. The .7mm wall thickness will give you the ultimate lightness you need for all your wacky ballhandling. Get back to your roots with the Roger Alpha Light shaft.


  • Requires super secure drywall-style insert for mounting heads
  • Simple, sleek design


  • Made with 7001-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Weighs 110 grams for 100 cm
  • 45.2" (115cm) before cutting
  • .7mm wall thickness
  • 18mm outer diameter thickness at grip