Ant Bike Polo Head

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Why would anybody name a bike polo head after an ant? You can squash them with your thumb! But in reality they are incredibly strong. And incredibly determined in hunting for the best scraps. Channel that spirit with the PRAAAP Ant bike polo head. These tiny monsters are excellent trainers. Use at pickup to improve your catching skills. Use it during a tournament if you want to have the fastest, trickiest ball control. Ants are a pest. Become one with the Ant bike polo head from PRAAAP.


  • Made with UHMW-PE plastic (9.2 million molecular density)
  • Stepped open end for enhanced scooping and rigidity
  • Tapered cap for crisper and more accurate shot.


  • Weighs 71 g
  • ~3.5" (87mm) long
  • Scoop side total diameter - 64.2 mm / Internal - 58.5 mm
  • Shoot side taper to 60 mm / Rounded edge to 50 mm