Avon Bike Polo Grip

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Are you tired of the same ol' rubber grip? Does the small texture of the rubber grips just drive you so mad?! Do you find your life spiraling because of it? Well pull yourself out of the shadows, my slayer, and come to the other side. The Avon Bike Polo Grip from Milk is a tackier grip that features a winding ring similar to what can be found on a baseball bat. Slap this thing on your shaft and will you find you love tack. Like, you might put striped wallpaper with that cheesy 90's sports balls trim around your house. Or get tea kettle that looks like a cat. Whatever it is, we will welcome you, young slayer, with an Avon Bike Polo Grip.


  • Sticky, tacky texture
  • Winding ring spaced to fit fingers
  • Comes in 4 different colors: Orange, Green, Blue, or Black


  • Made of EPDM rubber
  • Outer diameter tapers from 1" to .625"
  • Weighs 46 grams
  • ~10.5" long