Perro del Mallet

Bike Polo Grip

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We're gonna start fast with this one. The feel of the Bike Polo Grip from Perro del Mallet is simply sublime. Tiny little diamond dots line together in a formation that is so tacky yet so soothing it is a wonder they don't make more things out of this texture. Like a really weird t-shirt. Honestly, it's a shame so many of you suckers wear gloves because you'll never truly appreciate how incredible these grips feel. Sure, you'll notice how easily you can grip your shaft. Of course, you'll marvel at how you can't feel the little bit of extra weight. But y'all are missing out. Use this grip to have better control of your mallet. But ditch your gloves so you harness the delight of them.


  • Flashy red!
  • Super comfy
  • Cute speedholes


  • Made of rubber
  • Weighs only 58 grams
  • 10.25" long
  • 1.125" outer diameter tapers to .625"