Moreta Bike Polo Head

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The fabled design made famous by Machine Politics is now awaiting your prowess.  The Moreta is one of the more unique designs in bike polo today.  At first glance it looks just like a regular 5" head, until you really inspect what is going on.  The open end is a chamfered 2.5" and the head tapers that diameter to 2.375" at the capped end.  "Why?" you ask.  You ever hit the ground while shooting?  Of course you have.  Now, the Moreta won't stop that, but it certainly will make it a lot harder.  You'll get a cleaner look every time you swing at the ball, and that is going to improve your shot tremendously.  And trust us.  You need that.


  • Made with UHMW-Durolast plastic
  • Pre-drilled for 3 easy-mounting positions
  • Camfered open end for scooping
  • Aggressive textured rings on capped end for maximum shot manipulation
  • 2.5" open - 2.375" cap tapered design for the best of both worlds


  • Weighs 77 grams
  • 5" (127mm) length
  • 2.5" (63.5mm) open outer diameter
  • 2.375" (60mm) cap diameter
  • Weight-saving inside wall design