Fantina Bike Polo Head

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The products that have been rumored about for years are finally here.  Donata Bike Polo has arrived and they are ready to leave their mark in the poloverse.  It's difficult to say which of their two heads is their flagship head, but the Fantina is certainly the most traditional.  The Fantina is a straight-gauged 5" shooter coming in at 80 grams.  When swinging this head for the first time, that lightness is the first thing that you notice.  And then the sticker falls off and you find the textured rings that Fixcraft pioneered and you rediscover what you thought you'd lost when they went away.  Find your roots with the new Fantina head from Donata Bike Polo.


  • Made with UHMW-Durolast plastic
  • Pre-drilled holes for 3 easy-mounting positions.
  • Chamfered open end for scooping
  • Aggressive textured rings on capped end for maximum shot manipluation


  • Weighs 80 grams
  • 5" (127mm) length
  • 2.5" (63.5mm) outer diameter with a weight-saving inside wall design