Perro del Mallet

Laser Bike Polo Shaft

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Years ago, when Perro del Mallet came out with the Maestro we asked if the perfect shaft had been created. Of course, everybody can profess their own opinion, but the bottom line is it was a very good shaft. Well now Perro del Mallet has taken that Maestro design and made it out of carbon fiber. Unbelievable. The Laser bike polo shaft is a wonder of stiffness and lightness. It is a beam of destruction and precision. It is the only carbon shaft that uses a single bolt for mounting heads. Grab a Laser today and burn holes in your competition.


  • Rounded tip for more secure connection with mounting hardware
  • Uses the Crown - the same mounting hardware as the Maestro and Machete shafts


  • Made from carbon fiber
  • Weighs 140 grams
  • 45" (115cm) long
  • 16mm diameter tapers to 12.5mm at tip