Monarch Bike Polo Head

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You've been playing bike polo for a while and you would think that your skills would be pretty sharp by now. But let's get real. Your play looks like an ugly caterpillar out there. It's time to enact your metamorphosis with the Monarch Bike Polo Head from PRAAAP. This is the longest head in bike polo and you can use every inch to flutter your passes right to your teammate. Use the dazzling color to mesmerize your opponents with ornate dribbling. You can probe goals with precision because of the tapered cap. Become the beautiful bike Polo player you were meant to be with the Monarch Bike Polo Head.


  • Made with UHMW-PE plastic (9.2 million molecular density)
  • Stepped open end for enhanced scooping and rigidity
  • Tapered cap for crisper and more accurate shot.


  • Weighs 93 g
  • ???) long
  • Scoop side total diameter - 64.2 mm / Internal - 58.5 mm
  • Shoot side taper to 60 mm / Rounded edge to 50 mm