Scorpion Bike Polo Shaft

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You've bought in to the carbon lifestyle. But you want something a little stiffer, and with, like, a coat of armor. Here comes the Scorpion Bike Polo Shaft from PRAAAP. They've taken their Mantis shaft and looked to another feared insect. Scorpions got armor and these shafts are reinforced with Kevlar, giving a stronger, stiffer feel. Scorpions strike with speed. They hide in dark corners and stab with surprise. Become a menace with the Scorpion Bike Polo Shaft from PRAAAP.


  • Length markers to aid cutting
  • Comes with 3d printed end plug
  • Wicked design


  • Made from graphite carbon fiber
  • Reinforced with Kevlar
  • Weighs 95g uncut
  • 117 cm (~46") uncut
  • Diameters: Top - diameter 15 mm / Tip - 9.35mm
  • Wall thickness: Top - 1.2 mm / Tip 2.2mm