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Jenny Bike Polo Head

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So you've got a big ego. Do you have a bike polo head that matches your big head? Well the John has the largest diameter allowed in bike polo. Maybe you need to inflate yourself by having a head that pops. The Jenny comes in red - red! This hunk o' plastic is the complete package. An open end on the verge of legality to give you the maximum scoop. Solid cap. And a miniature 100mm length which means nobody will have more control on the court than you. Do yourself a favor and put a feather in your cap with a Jenny bike polo head.


  • Made with UHMW-PE 1000
  • Pre-drilled with 3 easy-mounting positions
  • Available with basic pilot holes or pre-drilled for easy-mounting with the Hi-Stick bike polo shaft


  • Weighs 70 grams
  • 3.9" (100mm) length
  • 2.56" (65 mm) width
  • Red!