Termite Bike Polo head

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Sometimes you build a house and then a termite comes around, takes a few bites and the whole thing comes crashing down. That's exactly what the Termite bike polo head is designed to do. You'll be able to take a little bit out of that framing or whatever the opposing team claims to have constructed and bring it all crashing down in a mighty loss. Pick up a Termite today and shatter some dreams with a few bites.


  • Made with UHMW-PE plastic (8.2 million molecular density)
  • Stepped open end for enhanced scooping and rigidity
  • Tapered cap for crisper and more accurate shot.


  • Weighs 78 grams
  • 4.25" (108mm) length
  • Scoop side total diameter - 64.2 mm / Internal - 58.5 mm
  • Shoot side taper to 60 mm / Rounded edge to 50 mm
  • White