Therese Bike Polo Valve Protector

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Are you one of those players who always seems to be stuck in goal? Or perhaps you have one of those goons in your club who rips huge shots even though your wheel is clearly right in front of it. If so, then you have definitely had a valve or two blasted out of your wheel and had to vacate the court. It ruins your day. But with a Therese, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Made of lightweight aluminum, just slip it over your presta stem and blamo! You’re protected! It’s compatible with 36-48 spoked wheels and everything you’ve ever wanted. Quit rolling the dice. Get a Therese.


  • Set of protectors and valve caps
  • Compatible with 36-48 spoked wheels
  • Only compatible with Presta valves
  • Fits 1.8mm-2mm spokes


  • Made of 7075 anodized aluminum
  • Weighs 5.7 grams