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We've come to the stage of bike polo where having all of the tournament shirts, the stickers, and the club koozies just isn't enough to showcase your devotion to bike polo. Nor are the jean shorts and tattoos. No, we are officially in the trading card era of bike polo. World Of Bike Polo has assembled the world's premier collection of trading cards representing players from every corner of the globe. Admire the stats of your favorite players and then trade them away with fellow aficionados. Grab a pack of World Of Bike Polo Trading Cards today and show off how much you love bike polo!


  • Comes with 3 cards
  • They're actually stickers, but that's still rad
  • Super cool shiny graphic
  • ~2.5"x3"


  • Each card displays player's name, club, year starter, hand preference, wheel size, and ratio. That's 6 stats for the price of one!
  • Social security numbers not included...