Turquoise Light Bike Polo Shaft

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Sometimes things don't go perfectly and it works out really well for you.  Like when an airline upgrades you to first class or the bar forgets to charge you for one of those 11 beers you had.  Now imagine if that beer was lighter - and came in turquoise!  That's exactly what happened with the Turquoise Light shaft.  It's just a liiiiittle bit lighter than the Light (10 grams).  And it comes in that cool, unique color so you can razzle that dazzle all up and down the court. Of course it comes with that patented* Milk Plug'N Play system so you can slap a Milk head on real fast and is a whole beer cheaper than the Light.


  • Mounting system is BUILT-IN
  • Plug'N Play mounting system
  • Cool stickers to make a statement with


  • Made from 7075 aluminum
  • Weighs 120 grams
  • 49" (125cm) uncut
  • .8mm wall thickness
  • Taper is 14.5mm at tip