Tutori Bike Polo Head

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Tutori is Italian for guardian - bet you can guess what head this one is based on...  But in reality, that team and their vestiges have been protecting the greatness of polo for a long time.  And it has been this head that has helped them to do it.  With the length of a normal head, but a smaller diameter, they are able to control the game on the court and shoot the ball even harder.  This might not be the scoopiest head, but when it comes to securing wins and guarding bike polo glory, nothing works better than the Tutori.


  • Made with UHMW-Durolast plastic
  • Pre-drilled holes for 3 easy-mounting positions
  • Chamfered open end for scooping
  • Aggressive textured rings on capped end for maximum shot manipulation


  • Weighs 76 grams
  • 5" (120mm) length
  • 2.375" (60mm) outer diameter with weight-saving inside wall design