'Gummy' v2 Connect Bike Polo Mounting Device

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We were happy to partner with Donata to make the Turtle'Nect. But Steve Jobs has died and the turtleneck just isn't that cool anymore. In fact there are far more innovative people out there now. Which brings us to FatOnBike. These dudes have been making shoe inserts so you can convert your favorite sneaks into clipless shoes for a long time. Well now they've taken that incredible plastics knowledge they have and made a strong mounting device that does the job and is incredibly light. Slap these suckers on your Donata shafts for the ultimate classic mallet. The only problem is you'll have to keep any spares you purchase away from your gummies. They look kinda tasty...


  • 1 steel bolt
  • 1 plastic gummy, I mean cleat


  • Weighs little
  • Doesn't taste good


  • All heads
  • Donata and Fixcraft v2 shafts