'Gummy' Whey Bike Polo Mounting Device

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Whey is a byproduct of cheesemaking that comes from milk. It is added to a bunch of delicious food and makes it even more delicious. When you add the FatOnBike Whey to your Milk shaft you can add any head you can dream of. That's right. Dream of. Also wey is how you say "dude" in Spanish and los weyes de FatOnBike are from Mexico. Whoa. Not only that, but whey is the main ingredient of Rivella, a popular carbonated drink in Switzerland. Milk is from Switzerland. Huh?!? We may have stumbled on a conspiracy. However, using the Whey is no conspiracy. One lightweight doohickey and you can turn a Milk shaft into any mallet you'd like. Get some Whey and learn the truth.


  • 1 steel bolt
  • 1 plastic cleat


  • Weighs little
  • It's vegan, wey
  • Allows a clean connection between a Milk shaft and any other head


  • All heads (this mounting device is not needed is using Milk heads)
  • Only Milk shafts